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Architecture in Madrid throughout history III

In today’s article, I’ll be continuing with my series of brief blog articles in which I summarize Spanish architecture, and specifically the architecture of Madrid, throughout history. There’s a lot of great architecture in Madrid that’s worth looking at and certainly, running by!


Elisabethan gothic


Known also as Catholic Kings style because it originates under the Crown of Castile, this particular type of Gothic architecture mixes decorative elements drawn from various sources such as traditional Castilian, Moorish influenced Spanish Mudejar, Flemish influences and, to a lesser extent, from Italian architectural styles.


The plateresque style


This particular architectural style acts as a bridge between the late Gothic architecture of the 15th century and the Renaissance which originates in Italy in the 15th century and enters Spain in the 16th century. Plateresque, as we shall see, evolves and leads the way to other architectural styles after 1530. It reaches its peak during the reign of the Emperor Charles V, the father of King Philip II.  The first of these phases will be what is known as Gothic Plateresque.


Gothic plateresque


This period encompasses the end of the 15th century and ends in the 16th century (1530). Gothic structures are now intricately adorned with shields, pinnacles and motifs inspired by nature and mythological creatures. At the end of this period, the classic, clean and rational style that characterizes the Renaissance begins to make its presence known on the windows and doorways of these now ornate structures.


In my next article, please join me as I continue writing about Purism, or Prince Philip style, followed by the advent of the Herreriano style in the 17th century. These and other great examples of great architecture can be seen when you go running on our Old Madrid running tour.  Come and join us for own private running tour through Old Madrid! We think you’re going to love it when you see Madrid not only running but seeing and enjoying it in a completely original and different manner!

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