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Architecture in Madrid throughout history IV

The purist style


This particular period of Spanish architecture, which runs between the years 1530 to 1560 and reaches its peak during the reign of Emperor Charles V, occurs when Plateresque starts changing and new architectural movements start coming into place. As a result of this, Purism makes its appearance in Spain.  Besides being termed Purist because of its appearance, which is more austere , it is also known as Prince Philip in reference to Spain’s future monarch who would be eventually crowned as King Philip II. Purist architecture, which is mainly found in Castile and Andalusia is, as I mentioned previously, more austere in that it is less ornate than the Plateresque style. It is also more sober and geometrical and balanced and places importance on structural issues and proportionality. The use of rounded arches, domes and barrel vaults are characteristic of Purism.


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