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Autumn running tips in Madrid

At Madrid Running Tours we love running all year-round in Madrid! One of the things that makes Madrid a great running city is that we get all of the seasons and, on top of it, are blessed with a dry, temperate climate throughout most of the year. One of, if not, our favorite seasons to go running is the fall. October, for example, has daytime high temperatures of about 21ºC (70ºF) and lows of about 10ºc (50ºF). In November, these temperatures drop down to an average high of about 14ºC (57ºF) and lows around 4ºC (39ºF). In December, the daytime temperature hits highs of about 11ºC (52ºF) and nighttime lows of around º1C (34ºF).


So what do I wear to practice running in Autumn?


If you’re going to be running early, wear a long sleeve running shirt that will keep you warm and wick-off sweat. Try to get one that partially covers your hand and helps keep it warm.  You can also wear a short sleeve running shirt and top it off with a windbreaker which you can always peel- off later on. As for running shorts, you can use them until December, thereafter we advise that you use running tights.


Fall running in Madrid is absolutely out of this world!  Join us at Madrid Running Tours and see all of the autumn brightness that running in Madrid has to offer!


Come on out and go running with us and see wonderful Autumn foliage in Madrid with our private running tour through the Casa de Campo and the Parque del Retiro!

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